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Slide Ons botanische serum heeft positief effect op de stevigheid en jeugdigheid van de huid. Bevat wetenschappelijke bewezen ingrediënt tegen huidveroudering.
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About Quenza

Quenza is a luxury skincare line with botanical products. The combination of ingredients has been carefully chosen to create products that are good and healthy for the skin and that meet the needs of women and men around the world.

Quenza products do not contain mineral oil, parabens, PEG, phenoxyethanol, synthetic perfume and alcohol denat.


I have always been very passionate about skin care. I love taking care of my skin health. Many people don’t really take skin care seriously and face problems later in life. I have always found it important to use products that are not harmful to my skin, which is why I have been looking for natural and safe skin care products.

That would also be effective with a luxurious feel and appearance. I must say that I have not been able to find such a product. So I came to the conclusion that in order to meet my needs, I had to come up with my own skincare line. I wanted to make something with all natural ingredients that would be effective and luxurious at the same time.

And so Quenza was born. I also believe that if your skin is at its best no matter what kind of makeup you use, it will always look good.
It motivated me to launch my own brand of products, to make people look their best.

– Shiwa

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